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Swim Synchro is designed for beginning swimmers 6-10 years of age who are new to synchronized swimming and comfortable swimming in deep water. This program creates fun experiences and teaches basic synchro skills. This program follows the Synchro Ontario Swim Synchro Program.


This program develops basic and more advanced synchro skills on the pre-existing synchro skills that swimmers have learned in Swim Synchro program. Novice is preparing the swimmers for the Provincial stream. This program provides opportunities to participate Synchro Ontario Novice Recreational Competitions.


Swimmers are placed in appropriate age group team and participate in provincial level competitions (10&Under, 11-12, 13-15, 16-20, AWD). Swimmers may be selected for solo or duet. Provincial focuses on improving synchro skills including flexibility, strength, speed swimming, teamwork, ballet, and mental preparation.


Swimmers are placed in appropriate age group team and participate in national level competitions (11-12, 13-15, Junior). Swimmers may be selected for extra routines (solo, duet). National focuses on improving synchro skills, including flexibility, strength, speed swimming, teamwork, ballet and mental preparation.


Synchronized swimming (often abbreviated to Synchro) is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics.

Synchro is a graceful, artistic, and powerful sport that challenges your physical skills and mental concentration. This unique sport is also known as “Water Ballet.” Synchronized Swimming develops swimmers advanced water skills, confidence, flexibility, exceptional breath control, strength, endurance, elegance, teamwork, and harmony.

Synchronized Swimming has two parts: Figures and Routine.

Figures are technical components without music that swimmers perform as individuals. Each age category has two compulsories and three groups of two optional figures which are drawn prior to the competition.

Routine is the technical and artistic movements combined together with music. Routine includes solo (one swimmer), duet (two swimmers), and team (8-10 swimmers). Different events gives swimmers different challenges and fun.